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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Garbage: Strike One!

Earlier this summer, Toronto had a 6 week garbage strike.
No collection of garbage, organic and recyclable materials for a substantial amount of time, and not only did us humans know about the strike but the bug community was well informed as well. At the beginning, there were the wasps. During the summer months we typically [...]

The Garbage Man

We get our garbage and recycling trash picked up weekly.
The garbage men (or to be politically correct, garbage women, but I never do see any females on that truck) come by each week to collect our trash then leave the bins back on the curb.
Afterwards, something magical happens.
Now, this probably doesn’t happen on every street [...]

Raccoons on the Roof

There are raccoons on my roof.
Living in the heart of the city, I can hear them each night having a party on the top of my house, without the homeowners permission. Raccoons are a bit of a pest. They go through your garbage, play in your backyards and take over your roofs. Seemingly innocent animals, [...]