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Garbage: Strike One!

Earlier this summer, Toronto had a 6 week garbage strike.

No collection of garbage, organic and recyclable materials for a substantial amount of time, and not only did us humans know about the strike but the bug community was well informed as well. At the beginning, there were the wasps. During the summer months we typically have wasps in our backyard but not of this magnitude. We always ate dinner at our backyard table but a swarm of wasps sent us rushing back into the house for safety.

Later, the fruit flies arrived. It started off as one tiny little fly happily flying around our kitchen until it began to multiple. A fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs and your food can be its breeding ground. Gross! The fruit flies flew around our kitchen for several weeks, greeting us during breakfast and refusing to leave.  Just when you thought they were gone, a new breed of flies would arrive like an unwelcome house guest.

It’s getting colder now and fall has arrived. Goodbye fruit flies and hello black flies. Lately, we noticed a swarm of new inspects inviting themselves over. We have adopted a “close your mouth when you go in the backyard” philosophy as to avoid swallowing any unwanted snacks. These insects were new to us and perhaps a result from the looming garbage strike and my neighbours rotting vegetable plants. But yesterday, we left the back door open a little too long and black fly and all his friends came on in.  During a few bites of my chicken, I felt something crunch between my teeth and tried to imagine that it was a bone instead of a black fly dying in my mouth.

I’m sure these pesky flies will be gone in a few days but it makes me wonder, what’s next? I’m not sure I want to know.

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