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Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Green Car in Kensington

You might do a double take if you are walking in Kensington Market, the fabulous artistic market located in downtown Toronto. Parked on the curb and sandwiched between restaurants and vintage clothing stores sits the infamous green garden car. Filled with soil and planters, this automobile has been parked for several years and represents the [...]

Happy Long Weekend!

It’s the long weekend and that means playing in your garden, relaxing on a patio, exploring your city and grilling in your backyard. Happy Long Weekend everyone! Make it a good one!

26 Pennies and Rachel McAdams

Yesterday was a good luck day.
There were 26 pennies laying on the sidewalk in front of my house. I first saw one penny and thought to myself “Great. I’ll pick it up for good luck.” But then, there was another, then another and then another. I am not one to turn down a little extra [...]