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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Happy Long Weekend!

We hope your long weekend looks like this—>

Beautiful Houses (not so beautiful bins)

On a recent trip to Los Angeles for the Dwell on Design conference, we took some time to explore the neighbourhoods in the city. Now anyone who loves modern design will absolutely fall in love with those fantastic LA homes. Every house I passed, I wanted to take out my camera and snap a photo [...]

Expanding our Team: The Icing on the Cake

I recently read an article about two best friends who decided to start a cupcake shop. The problem? Neither of them knew how to bake.
Starting a business is similar. I might love to eat cupcakes but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I know how to bake them. You always need a great team of people [...]

The Ubisu Story: It Starts with a Pencil

If you read my previous blog entry, you will already know that ubisu began with an idea and a little bit of garbage.
We created a modern storage solution to store your outdoor garbage and recycling bins, simply because we didn’t like the look of the current options and wanted to create a more compact and [...]