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What’s Bugging City Dwellers?

If you’re wondering what bugs city dwellers in Toronto, here are the top complaints in 2010.

1. Garbage
2. Property bylaw investigations
3. Missed furniture pickup
4. Roads and potholes
5. Blocked sewers

Although I live in a densely populated city, I only complain about it just a little. Sure it would be nice to have a bit more property space and a few more parks and trees but we trade that for the excitement and joy of living in the city. I’ll admit it. There are times when I enjoy visiting the quiet suburban neighbourhoods and visiting a big box store but I still always want to come home to my small row house where I can hear my neighbour chatting through the thin walls, parking in my lane-way garage parking spot and walking through the crowded streets any time of day.

The urban lifestyle is still home to me.

In a recent article published by The Toronto Star, they asked ‘what city issues are bugging Torontonians?’ The main complaint? You guess it…garbage! The top complaint for urban homeowners was about garbage-related issues including curbside collection and bins. When Torontonians received new garbage and recycling bins, the city received many complaints. The community felt that they had no place to store these oversized bins and they were far too large for an urban setting. Cities around the world have adopted this new bin program with similar negative responses. Homeowners with limited property space do not have any suitable storage options and find that pests and urban wildlife are inhabiting their bins. We live in the city too and decided to create our urbin storage solution for these very reasons.

I don’t like my bins but as a homeowner, do I really have a choice? I need to recycle and discard my organic waste.

Our solution is to embrace our urban lifestyle (and all the issues that come with it) and then to solve it with good design. After all, ubisu’s motto is ’solving urban issues through good design.’ So instead of complaining, we decided to do something positive about it.

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