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Going Local

I still remember those mouth-watering apples my parents picked last summer. They were deliciously red, sweet and crisp and I enjoyed them for months. I must have eaten at least two apples a day. The other day, I bought some international produce from a grocery store and it simply wasn’t the same.

I’m finding that in business, going local is also the way to go.

We are a Toronto based company and we design our products by local designers using locally sourced material. Going local was equally important to us when choosing a manufacturer. We work with a local manufacturer, just a short drive from downtown Toronto, and we tend to visit their manufacturing facility quite frequently. I like knowing that I can reach my manufacturer within minutes and we can personally check our products for any issues. I like knowing that we are taking an eco-conscious approach to design while supporting local Canadian businesses.

Many products are made overseas (including this office chair that I am currently sitting in), but I always feel better knowing that products that we make are made right here. Locally.

Sometimes going local is just better.

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