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Grass Roots Marketing

Earlier this week I decided to do some good old fashion grass roots marketing.

We just purchased a new home and this week, we are starting a complete renovation of the house. We are excited to be transforming this old property into a modern dwelling in the city.  The whole renovation will take about 8 months, if we’re lucky. So on Monday morning, a repair man was scheduled to come to the house and said they would be arriving within a four hour period. If I was living in the house, that would be fine but this house has no heat, no furniture and no electricity so waiting inside the cold dark house for four hours obviously did not appeal to me. Armed with ubisu flyers, I decided to get active and do some local flyering in my neighbourhood. After all, the urbin storage units were specifically designed for city homeowners and I wanted my community to know what we offered.

As I walked down the beautiful streets, as expected, I saw that almost every single house had a garbage and recycling bin either on the porch or visible at the side of their house. It’s as if the bins were just calling out “Please get me an urbin, quickly!” I responded to their call by leaving a flyer in the homeowners mailboxes. I also had the pleasure of meeting some of my neighbours in person and explained to them who I was and about the company. I really wanted people to know that I wasn’t just some person dropping a random flyer on their property. I am their neighbour who has a product that can actually benefit them. After a few hours, I made my way back to my house (thankfully just in time for the repair man to show up).

So if you did receive an ubisu flyer in your mailbox this week, please note they were hand delivered by yours truly, with care and passion!

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