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Category Archives: design trends

Green Living!

Check us out this month in Pure Green Living Magazine!

Your Urban Pets: The Raccoon

A few years ago, I lived in a small one bedroom apartment with a fairly nice sized balcony. I thought I could jazz up the area by putting a couple pieces of patio furniture outside and enjoy the view with a book and drink in hand.
That never happen.
I had just moved in following a very [...]

Ubisu Featured in DesignLines in Month!

We are excited to be featured in the spring 2011 DesignLines Magazine! If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, check us out on page 32.
“Inspired to organize the city’s visual clutter, Alana Charles teamed up with industrial designers to create Urbin: a modular storage unit that conceals mismatched garbage and recycling bins.” -DesignLines

Going Local

I still remember those mouth-watering apples my parents picked last summer. They were deliciously red, sweet and crisp and I enjoyed them for months. I must have eaten at least two apples a day. The other day, I bought some international produce from a grocery store and it simply wasn’t the same.
I’m finding that in [...]

Check us out in Designlines!

Coming this JANUARY 2011, check out ubisu in DESIGNLINES!
DESIGNLINES, published by Azure Magazine, is the ultimate guide to Toronto’s best contemporary furniture showrooms and home and lifestyle shops.

Eating Out

I am a big fan of exploring the urban landscape of my great city.
I love to bike through my neighbourhood, explore the hidden gems in my lane ways and visit the different cultures in my community. Last night I ventured out for a Queen Street West exploration. I had spent the afternoon at the IIDEX [...]

Check us out in Dwell

We’re thrilled to announce the urbin is now featured in Dwell magazine’s product spotlight. Check it out here!
For more information about the urbin please sign-up for product updates.

It’s Time to Dwell

Ubisu is checking out the Dwell on Design Show in Los Angeles!

Dwell on Design

June has finally arrived. This means I will eat almost every dinner relaxing on my backyard patio; it’s Father’s Day month (what should I get my dad this year?) and it’s the Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles.
We’re very excited to check out the design trends this year at Dwell and especially excited to [...]

The Green Car in Kensington

You might do a double take if you are walking in Kensington Market, the fabulous artistic market located in downtown Toronto. Parked on the curb and sandwiched between restaurants and vintage clothing stores sits the infamous green garden car. Filled with soil and planters, this automobile has been parked for several years and represents the [...]