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Category Archives: garbage and recycling

Grass Roots Marketing

Earlier this week I decided to do some good old fashion grass roots marketing.
We just purchased a new home and this week, we are starting a complete renovation of the house. We are excited to be transforming this old property into a modern dwelling in the city.  The whole renovation will take about 8 months, [...]

Your Urban Pets: The Raccoon

A few years ago, I lived in a small one bedroom apartment with a fairly nice sized balcony. I thought I could jazz up the area by putting a couple pieces of patio furniture outside and enjoy the view with a book and drink in hand.
That never happen.
I had just moved in following a very [...]

What’s Bugging City Dwellers?

If you’re wondering what bugs city dwellers in Toronto, here are the top complaints in 2010.
1. Garbage
2. Property bylaw investigations
3. Missed furniture pickup
4. Roads and potholes
5. Blocked sewers
Although I live in a densely populated city, I only complain about it just a little. Sure it would be nice to have a bit more property space [...]

Recycle your Hershey’s Kiss Foil!

Before you throw out your trash or recycling next garbage day, here are some interesting trash facts:
1.   Plastic bags decompose in 15 – 1000 years.
2.   A babies diaper can take 500 to 800 years to decompose.
3.   Plastic bottles and cans never decompose.
4.   Every ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees.
5.   Each person throws [...]

Prototype on the Porch

Technically, I have a product prototype sitting on my porch. But that was too many P’s to use in the title. This week, we picked up one of our urbin prototypes and decided to bring her home. “She” (or he, for that matter) had been enjoying life, first at our manufacturer, and then at various [...]

Beautiful Houses (not so beautiful bins)

On a recent trip to Los Angeles for the Dwell on Design conference, we took some time to explore the neighbourhoods in the city. Now anyone who loves modern design will absolutely fall in love with those fantastic LA homes. Every house I passed, I wanted to take out my camera and snap a photo [...]

The Ubisu Story (From the Beginning)

How does a city living, sales & marketing guru, homeowner and wife decide to build a new product from scratch? As with most great businesses, it all started with an idea and a little bit of trash…
In 2008, I was enjoying life as an urban homeowner living in downtown Toronto. My husband and I had [...]

Trash Talk

One of our favourite columns is “Trash Talk” featured weekly in The Toronto Star newspaper.
Author, Ellen Moorhouse, covers everything from where to store your garbage and recycling bins to how to go greener. It’s a perfect read for our company considering we create storage solutions for bins and like to talk trash….but in a very [...]

Garbage: Strike One!

Earlier this summer, Toronto had a 6 week garbage strike.
No collection of garbage, organic and recyclable materials for a substantial amount of time, and not only did us humans know about the strike but the bug community was well informed as well. At the beginning, there were the wasps. During the summer months we typically [...]

The Garbage Man

We get our garbage and recycling trash picked up weekly.
The garbage men (or to be politically correct, garbage women, but I never do see any females on that truck) come by each week to collect our trash then leave the bins back on the curb.
Afterwards, something magical happens.
Now, this probably doesn’t happen on every street [...]